(Video) – Caroline’s Kids Rescue Live Cam

Adorable rescue cats awaiting adoption streaming live!
To make a donation click here: http://www.carolines-kids.org/
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Special Thanks to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue.
Q. What activities happen on a daily/weekly basis?
A: 7-7:30 AM morning feeding, 2-2:30 AM afternoon feeding, 1:30 PM story time with Ellen (Tuesday through Friday) and 1:30 PM Friday boxes open with Judie. All activities are on EST.

Q: What kinds of cats are at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue?
A: Caroline's Kids cares for older and special needs cats, those who are considered to be unadoptable by traditional humane societies. Senior cats and FIV/FELV are their specialty. Our Love for Life program allows people to make provisions for their cats for the time they can no longer care for them, this is a very unique program.

Q. Who is Caroline?
A: Caroline was a special needs older cat that Tom and Judie Brown met on a trip out West in 1999. They volunteered at a sanctuary there and fell in love with Caroline and she with him. When they returned home with her photo they knew there was nowhere in Ohio to care for cats like Caroline. She passed over the Rainbow Bridge 5 weeks after we left so Tom and Judie founded Caroline's Kids (AKA furkids) in her memory. Perhaps it was Caroline's mission to find Tom and Judie so that they could start up the rescue organization to help other cats like her.

Q: How many cats are at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue?
A: Currently, Caroline's Kids houses 280 cats. That number fluctuates up and down.

Q: How can I help Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue? I want to donate beds and some food.
A: Caroline's Kids is always in need of monetary donations to help pay monthly expenses. As every pet lover knows, Veterinary bills can be huge. Caroline's Kids do have all the bed, linens and towels they can use but Friskies/Purina dry food, Friskies/Purina canned food and scoopable litter are desperately needed.

Q: What if I'm interested in adding one of these kittens or cats to my family?
A: Caroline's Kids is a sanctuary for life and we make a life long commitment of care to our cats due to their medical or behavioral issues. But if someone does want to adopt an adoptable cat they will have a phone interview first, then a visit to the sanctuary to see the cats. They then fill out an application and once references are checked, the applicant would then adopt the cat with a $75 adoption fee and a contract.

Q: Is there a vet to keep an eye on the cats?
A: There is an on site clinic for minor care but the cats travel daily if needed to a nearby vet.

Q: Where are these cats located?
A: These lucky cats live in a nearly century old home in Ohio. Each room is dedicated to a special type of cat: adoptable, senior, feral, FIV+, etc.

Q: These cats look like they are in someone's home and kitchen? Is that true? How do you cook with a cat in your sink?
A: This is their home and we are the visitors to their home. No cooking is done there.
To learn more about Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue or to donate to their organization go to: http://www.carolines-kids.org

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