(Picture) – From kittens to big cats 7

From kittens to big cats 7

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Do you remember Eos and Fuji – two little kittens my husband rescued in June? They’ve been growing beautifully in our home, causing mischief almost every day and overtaking the whole house. But they are also very loyal and share their love with me (as much as any cat can do) and make a wonderful warm blanket every time I try to lazy on our sofa and they decide to sleep on me 😉 I shatter tho think about what they’re going to do to any Christmas tree we’ll decide to have this year, but I’ll worry about it when it’s time for it ;D For now, here is a few shots from the beginning to September. I guess it’s time for another photo session…

Posted by Kasia Sokulska (KasiaBasic)