(Picture) – Contemplative Cat

Contemplative Cat

Meet Tom, my 14 year-old tabby cat. He’s quite sociable, always meowing a friendly hello to visitors. When he was younger, he would lie on his back when meeting new people, but it was an evil trick: when you went to rub his tummy, he’d snap shut like a bear trap… He hasn’t scratched anyone lately, I like to think he’s mellowed a little.

Today, sunlight flooded the balcony so it was perfect for a portrait. With the Summilux-M lens wide open at f/1.4, the background melts away. It’s even more contrasty in B&W, but Tom’s emerald eyes looked too good in color.

I’d love to know what he’s thinking when he has this faraway look in his eyes: I think he’s thinking about buying a boat…

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