Meet the cat: TOJI — picture

Meet the cat: TOJI

Toji was the only cat that I’ve adopted trough a website. I was in a doubt, because he was already rescued and I could be taking another cats opportunity to be rescued by me…

But in the minute I saw him, I knew I wanted him. So, in november/ 2004 Toji came to live with me, my boyfriend, Goku and Lua.

Goku was very curious about the new guy and in a few time they were already friends. Toji was about three months old when he came to live with us, and he was fascinated with Lua, that had no patience with him and used to beat him when he got too close. As a result, when Toji grown up, for a certain period he got revenge and used to beat Lua. But this is past… He is still tries to seduce her, but he does not adimit it!

Toji is very energetic, he likes the high places of the house and he manages to get there. He makes a very funny sound when he is excited, similar to that sound that dove makes… So, one of his nicknames, Pururu comes from thsi sound.

He doesn’t like to be petted everyday, he is much more a cat to play with. But some days he is more needy and gets close to me, sleeps near to me, calls my attention. He is not very talkative, but sometimes he can talk a lot! He never purrs, or he purrs so low that I just can’t hear or feel!

He is afraid of me cliping his nails, but his agression with me is zero. He never scratched me trying to defend himself.

He is very excited abou play and games, and not all the cats understands it. He likes kitty fight, but most of the time just for fun, but most of the cats think its a real fight. Sometimes, really sometimes, he bullies one or another.

His favorite game with me is when we run into the house, I run after him saying: Who is the "naughty"cat? He gets very excited and runs, hides, wait for me to get out of his sight, runs more, hide again.

He was very affectionate with Chihiro, Bo and Shun when they were babies. He used to carry Chirriro by the neck as the mothers do! He also took good care of Bo and Shun, who love him so much till now!

He is very sexual and had to be neuterd by the age of five months because he started to pee in my couch. When a female cat was on her "period" at home, Toji always tries do do something! I just don’t know how!

I love my furry tiger!
he’s two and a half years old.

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